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Custom swirl finish on your guitar body £219+shipping (£219 UK pounds sterling). Matching headstock for an additional £59. UK shipping £25 for a body only, or £35 if neck and body, contact me for an international quote. Payable by Paypal.


You strip all the hardware and neck from your guitar and send me the body. I will then repair any little dings and scratches, prime, swirl, clear-coat, and polish. All before sending it back to you for you to reassemble. Normal turnaround time is 10 weeks. I'll keep you informed and send you a picture of the swirl on the day it's done.

You can pick the colours, give me an idea of what you like/don't like in swirls (in terms of how complicated, etc), send me a picture of one you really like if you want, but obviously swirling is a random process and exactly how your swirl will look is in the lap of the gods!


If something major goes wrong with the swirl then I'll strip it and do it again at no extra charge (this doesn't happen often but as swirling is a random process, occasionally weird things happen!). If, however, you just decide when you see the picture of it that you don't like the swirl for some reason, then I can do it again for you but it will cost an additional £49 to do it again (to cover additional primer/paint and time).

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